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Hampshire County Council

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Library Services URL: http://www.hants.gov.uk/library/index.html
Chapman County Codes (BS 6879): HAM

2. Principal Libraries with Family History resources

Hampshire Library & Information Service HQ (HQC)
81 North Walls
SO23 8BY
Tel: 01962 826666
Fax: 01962 856615
[email protected]

Opening hours:

Monday: 0930-1900
Tuesday: 0930-1900
Wednesday: 0930-1900
Thursday: 0930-1900
Friday: 0930-1900
Saturday: 0930-1700

Other Libraries:

Winchester Local Studies Library (HQH)
County Library
81 North Walls
SO23 8BY
Tel: 01962 841408
Fax: 01962 856615
Email: [email protected]
Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 0930-1900; Saturday: 0930-1700

Aldershot Library (ALD)
109 High Street
GU11 1DQ
Tel: 01252 322456
Fax: 01252 321008
Email: [email protected]
Opening hours: Monday, Thursday: 1000-1900; Tuesday, Friday: 1000-1700; Saturday: 0930-1600

Andover Library (AND)
Chantry Centre
SP10 1LT
Tel: 01264 352807
Fax: 01264 365939
Email: [email protected]
Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday, Friday: 0930-1700; Wednesday: 0930-1300; Thursday: 0930-1900; Saturday: 0930-1600

Basingstoke Library (BAS)
19/20 Westminster House
Festival Place
RG21 7LS
Tel: 01256 473901
Fax: 01256 470666
Email: [email protected]
Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 0930-1900; Thursday: 0930-1730; Saturday: 0930-1600: Sunday: 1100-1700

Eastleigh Library (EAS)
Swan Centre
SO50 5SF
Tel: 023 8061 2513
Fax: 023 8065 2913
Email: [email protected]
Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 0900-1730; Saturday: 0930-1700

Fareham Library (FHM)
Osborn Road
PO16 7EN
Tel: 01329 282715
Email: [email protected]
Opening hours: Monday, Thursday, Friday: 0930-1900; Tuesday, Wednesday: 0930-1700; Saturday: 0930-1600

Farnborough Library (FNB)
GU14 7JZ
Tel: 01252 513838
Fax: 01252 511149
Email: [email protected]
Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 0930-1900; Wednesday: 0930-1700; Saturday: 0930-1600

Fleet Library (FLE)
236 Fleet Road
GU51 4BX
Tel: 01252 614213
Fax: 01252 627242
Email: [email protected]
Opening hours: Monday, Wednesday,Friday, Saturday: 0930-1700; Tuesday: 0930-2000; Thursday: 0930-1900

Gosport Discovery Centre (GOS)
High Street
PO12 1BT
Tel: 023 92523431
Fax: 023 92501911
Email: [email protected]
Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 0930-1900; Saturday: 0900-1630

Lymington Library (LYM)
North Close
SO41 9BW
Tel: 01590 673050
Email: [email protected]
Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 0930-1900; Wednesday: 0930-1300; Saturday: 0930-1700

Waterlooville Library (WVL)
The Precinct
Tel: 023 92254626
Fax: 023 92263720
Email: [email protected]
Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday, Saturday: 0930-1700; Wednesday 0930-1300; Thursday 0930-1900; Friday 0900-1700

3. Research Service

Service available? Simple and specific enquiries can be answered. We regret that limitations on staff time preclude speculative or prolonged searches, for which a personal visit by the researcher or his agent will be necessary.

Fee-based? No charge is made for answering enquiries. Charges are, however, made for photocopies and microform printouts.

Provided by local Record Office? Fee-based research services are provided by Hampshire Record Office and by Portsmouth Museums & Records Service.

4. Births, Deaths and Marriages

Registrar General's Indexes from 1837 (microform), or Registrar General for Scotland's Computerised Index from 1855.

Locations Complete set of Registrar-General's indexes of births marriages and deaths 1837-1983 is held at Hampshire Record Office.
Microfilm copies of the Registrar-General's indexes of births 1837-1912 and deaths 1837-1865 (no others) are held at BAS.
No copies of the Scottish birth marriage and death indexes are held.

5. Census returns

Libraries have census returns for their immediate area for some years and there are indexes for Hampshire for 1851, 1881 and 1891.
Ancestry.com is available on the People's Network terminals.

6. Directories

6(a) County and Regional Directories

Hampshire directories (excluding purely commercial ones) may be broadly summarised as follows:
Hampshire 1784-1939 (see note (3) below)
Aldershot 1922-1962 (ALD)
Andover 1903-1974 (AND)
Basingstoke 1881-1974 (BAS)
Fleet 1910-1939 (FLE)
Gosport 1916-1943 (POR, GOS)
Havant 1890-1960 (WVL)
Lymington 1917-1959 (STN)
Portsmouth 1801-1976 (POR)
Southampton 1803-1975 (STN)
Winchester 1854-1974 (HQH)
Note carefully the following:
(1) a quoted range of dates does not mean that a directory was published for every year. This is very far from the case, especially for the County series, the smaller towns, and for any place pre 1900.
(2) Fareham is covered by Gosport directories, and Farnborough by Aldershot.
(3) No one Library has anything like a complete collection. The best runs are at HQH. For directories for the smaller places enquire at the libraries indicated, failing which consult the sources given below.
(4) Directories also exist for Bournemouth 1887-1975 and Christchurch 1952-1975. A few copies are held in Hampshire libraries, but for the best files you should enquire at Bournemouth and Christchurch, which since 1974 have been in Dorset.
(5) Some 19th century directories have recently been microfiched. Where this is the case the fiche version will be produced in preference to increasingly fragile originals.
(6) This list has been greatly simplified. For fuller details consult Hampshire and Isle of Wight Directories, published by the Hampshire Archivists Group in 1980, and Shaw, G. British Directories.

6(b) City and Town Directories

6(c) Telephone Directories

Aldershot 1953-1957 (ALD)
Bournemouth area 1953-1957 (LYM)
Guildford area 1984 to date (ALD)
Guildford area 1973 to date (FNB)
Portsmouth area 1946 to date (POR)
Portsmouth area 1979 to date (GOS)
Portsmouth area 1970 to date (FHM)
Southampton area 1983 to date (LYM)
There are gaps in some files.

7. Electoral registers and polls books

7(a) Electoral Registers

Electoral rolls for their respective areas are held by the following libraries for the periods shown:
HQH: 1835-1838, 1856, 1858, 1864, 1868, 1879-1880, 1899-1900, 1919-1938 (most), 1992-1995
ALD: 1936 to date
AND: 1953 to date
BAS: 1952 to date
EAS: 1949 to date
FHM: 1968 to date
FLE: 1962 to date
FNB: 1963 to date
GOS: 1972 to date
LYM: 1977 to date

7(b) Poll Books

HQH has 1835-1868
The dates quoted are first and last dates only. Files are not complete. For full details of holdings contact the relevant library.
See also: Gibson, J.S.W. Poll books 1696-1872: a directory to holdings in Great Britain, F.F.H.S., 1989.

8. International Genealogical Index (IGI)

1992 microfiche version for the British Isles is held at HQC, FNB, POR, STN, BAS and LYM.
The 1992 microfiche version for Hampshire and adjoining counties is held at HQH, ALD, FHM, GOS, and WVL.

9. Unpublished Indexes

Many of the larger libraries maintain more general indexes to their collections of local materials, referring to places, events and people of local significance. However, births, marriages and deaths are not routinely included in these indexes. Apply to the library in the area of interest for more detailed advice.
HQC has complete microfilm files of The Times and its index, and access to the Times Digital Archive is available in all libraries. Births, marriages and deaths are not indexed unless they are featured in separate articles.

10. Parish Registers

No original parish registers are held.
Some typescript copies of registers for parishes in their own areas are held by HQH, EAS and STN.
Several of the main libraries have acquired microfiche copies of registers for parishes within their areas. Coverage is not yet complete: check with the appropriate library for up-to-date information.

11. Periodicals (excl. newspapers)

Titles available include the following. No one library has them all, and some are held at several libraries. Filing periods vary: contact the library in the area of interest to you for more details.
Annual Register
Family Tree
Fareham Past and Present
Genealogists Magazine
Gentleman's Magazine
Hampshire Family Historian
Hampshire Field Club Papers & Proceedings
Hampshire Magazine
Root and Branch
Surrey Archaeological Collection
Surrey Magazine
West Surrey Family History Society Record Series
Published archives:
Hampshire Record Society
Hampshire Record Series
Southampton Records
Portsmouth Records
(Extensive files of these series are held by HQH)
British Record Society/Index Library
Rolls Series; also Calendars of Fine Rolls, Close Rolls, Patent Rolls, Charter Rolls, Inquisitions Post Mortem, State Papers, etc.
(Many of the volumes in these series are held by HQC, though there are many gaps)
The publications, whether in our stock or not, of many national and county historical societies are described in the two volumes of Mullins, E.L.C. Texts and calendars

12. Published Transcripts of Archival Material

13. Other material

Microfiche copies of the Somerset House Indexes to Wills and Administrations 1858-1943 may be seen at HQC and BAS.
Microfiche copies of the Index of Hampshire Wills 1571-1858 are held at HQH, FNB, STN, POR, BAS, LYM, FHM, WVL and several smaller libraries. This indexes by name, place and occupation all wills administrations and inventories in all probate jurisdictions in the Winchester Diocese held at Hampshire Record Office.
FHM and GOS have copies of the monumental inscriptions relating to some of the burial grounds in their respective areas.
Copies of some of the lists of memorials issued by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission are available at HQC.
Many professional directories exist. Particular attention is drawn to the Army List, the Navy List, the Air Force List, the Medical Register and the Law List. HQC has an extensive file of Crockfords Clerical Directory.
The British Isles Genealogical Register, and the Genealogical Research Directory, each listing many thousands of research interests, may be seen at HQC.

14. Guides to Collections

15. Local Record Offices

Hampshire Record Office
Sussex Street
SO23 8TH
Tel: 01962 846154
[email protected]
Opening hours; Monday-Friday: 0900-1900; Saturday: 0900-1600

Portsmouth Museums and Records Service
Museum Road
Tel: 023 92827261
Website: http://www.portsmouthmuseums.co.uk
Opening hours; Monday-Friday: 1000-1900; Saturday-Sunday 1000-1730

Southampton City Archives Service
Civic Centre
SO14 7LY
Tel: 023 80832251
Email: [email protected]
Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday: 0930-1630

Other information

For information on Portsmouth and Southampton Library Services and their Local Studies holdings please see their individual entries on Familia. (Both authorities are now independent unitary organisations following the 1997 Local Government changes.)

Portsmouth http://www.earl.org.uk/familia/services/england/portsmouth.html
Southampton http://www.earl.org.uk/familia/services/england/southampton.html