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Library Services URL: http://www.somerset.gov.uk
Chapman County Codes (BS 6879): SOM

2. Principal Libraries with Family History resources

Somerset Studies Library
Paul Street
Tel: 01823 340300
Fax: 01823 340301

Opening hours:

Monday: 0930-1730
Tuesday: 0930-1730
Wednesday: 0930-1900
Thursday: 0930-1730
Friday: 0930-1900
Saturday: 0930-1600

Other Libraries:

Reference Library
Binford Place
Tel: 01278 458373
Fax: 01278 451027
Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 0930-1700; Wednesday, Friday: 0930-1900; Saturday: 0930-1600

Reference Library
King George Street
BA20 1PY
Tel: 01935 421910
Fax: 01935 431847
Opening hours: Monday-Thursday: 0930-1730; Friday: 0930-1830; Saturday: 0930-1600

Reference Library
Justice Lane
BA11 1BA
Tel: 01373 462215
Fax: 01373 472003
Opening hours: Monday-Thursday: 0930-1700; Friday: 0930-1900; Saturday: 0930-1600

3. Research Service

Service available? Yes

Fee-based? Yes. �22 per hour

Provided by local Record Office? Somerset Record Office provides both its own fee-based service and a list of record agents

4. Births, Deaths and Marriages

Registrar General's Indexes from 1837 (microform), or Registrar General for Scotland's Computerised Index from 1855.

Locations Births, marriages and deaths (England and Wales), 1837-1998, plus overseas indexes (Taunton)

5. Census returns

1881 covering Great Britain (held at Taunton, Bridgwater, Yeovil, Frome)
1841-1891 covering South Somerset (held at Yeovil) also North Dorset (1841-1891)

6. Directories

6(a) County and Regional Directories

National, c.1798 (held at Taunton)
Regional, 1822-1852 (held at Taunton)
County, 1840-1939 (held at Taunton, Bridgwater, Yeovil)

6(b) City and Town Directories

Bath, 1822-1973 (Taunton)
Bridgwater, 1883-1973 (Taunton, Bridgwater)
Frome, 1927-1974 (Frome)
Taunton, 1864-1973 (Taunton)
Weston-super-Mare, 1946-1974 (Taunton)
Yeovil, 1936-1974 (Taunton, Yeovil) Yeovil has 1934

6(c) Telephone Directories

Bristol, Bath and/or Weston-super-Mare Area(s), most of 1961 to date (Taunton)
Taunton Area, 1974 to date (Taunton)
Taunton Area (inc Yeovil), 1967 to date (incomplete) Yeovil

7. Electoral registers and polls books

7(a) Electoral Registers

Somerset, 1832 (Taunton)
Somerset (1832) - Yeovil (Raymond rpt)
Yeovil Burgess Lists, 1854-1900

7(b) Poll Books

Bridgwater, 1754-1866 (Bridgwater)
Taunton, 1818-1864 (Taunton)

8. International Genealogical Index (IGI)

1992 edition, on microfiche, covering Somerset (Taunton, Bridgwater, Yeovil, Frome)
1992ed. Dorset (Yeovil)

9. Unpublished Indexes


10. Parish Registers

Printed transcripts providing about 4% coverage of Somerset (Taunton)

11. Periodicals (excl. newspapers)

Yeovil Review (1936-1948) Y Greenwood Tree, 1975 to date (Y)
Castle Cary Visitor (1896-1915) Y Chronicle, 1978 to date (Y)
Genealogist, new series, 1884-1922 (Taunton)
Genealogist's Magazine, 1925-1992 (Taunton)
Gentleman's Magazine, 1731-1844 (Taunton)
Harleian Society, 1869 to date (Taunton)
New England Historical and Genealogical Register, 1880 to date (Taunton)
and archaeological society proceedings or transactions for most of the English counties, mid-19th century to date (Taunton)

12. Published Transcripts of Archival Material

Patent rolls, close rolls, state papers and other P.R.O. texts and calendars
'Rolls Series' (Taunton)
Publications of the Record Commissioners, etc. (Taunton)
Somerset Record Society publications (Taunton, Bridgwater, Yeovil)
Bristol Record Society publications (Taunton)
Devon and Cornwall Record Society publications (Taunton)

13. Other material


14. Guides to Collections

Although it is not intended as a guide to our collection, we do in practice hold (in Taunton) most of what is listed in Somerset: a genealogical bibliography, by Stuart Raymond (Federation of Family History Societies, 1991. ISBN 1 872094 22 8)

15. Local Record Offices

Somerset Record Office
Obridge Road
Tel: 01823 337600
Fax: 01823 325402
[email protected]

Other information