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Glasgow City Council

Principal Public Libraries with family history resources
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Census records
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International Genealogical Index
Unpublished indexes
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Library Services URL: http://www.libarch.glasgow.gov.uk/main.htm
Chapman County Codes (BS 6879): LKS, DNB, RFW, AYR, STD

2. Principal Libraries with Family History resources

History and Glasgow Room
The Mitchell Library
North Street
G3 7DN
Tel: 0141 287 2937
Fax: 0141 287 2935
E- mail:
[email protected]

Opening hours:

Monday - Thursday: 9.00 - 20.00
Friday - Saturday: 9.00 - 17.00

Other Libraries:

Social Sciences Dept.
The Mitchell Library
North Street
G3 7DN
Tel: 0141 287 2924
Fax: 0141 287 2815
E- mail: [email protected]
(Open as above)

3. Research Service

Service available? Yes

Fee-based? No

Provided by local Record Office? Yes; Contact the local record office for details.

4. Births, Deaths and Marriages

Registrar General's Indexes from 1837 (microform), or Registrar General for Scotland's Computerised Index from 1855.

Locations Held at History and Glasgow Room
Registrar General's Indexes for England and Wales from 1837 (microfiche)

5. Census returns

Held at the History and Glasgow Room
Lanarkshire, 1841 to 1901; Renfrewshire, 1841 to 1901; Dunbartonshire, 1841 to 1901; Ayrshire, 1841 to 1901; Plus Stirlingshire and 1841 to 1891 Argyll and Bute
Name index to 1891 census for Scotland

6. Directories

6(a) County and Regional Directories

Held at History and Glasgow Room
Pigot's/Slater's directories, 1821 to 1915 (incomplete); County directory of Scotland, 1862 to 1912 (incomplete); MacDonald's Scottish directory, 1884 to 1973 (incomplete)

6(b) City and Town Directories

Held at History and Glasgow Room
John Tait's directory for the city of Glasgow, 1783 to 1784; Jones' Glasgow directory 1787; 1789; 1790 to 1791; Post Office Glasgow directory, 1799; 1801; 1803 to 1978; Kelly's directory of Glasgow, 1924 to 1972
Numerous other UK towns (dates vary)

6(c) Telephone Directories

Held at History and Glasgow Room
Glasgow telephone directory, 1889 to date; other UK directories (dates vary)

7. Electoral registers and polls books

7(a) Electoral Registers

Held at History and Glasgow Room
City of Glasgow voters roll, 1832, 1840; 1846 to 1914, 1918 to 1939, 1945 to date

7(b) Poll Books

Held at History and Glasgow Room:
City of Glasgow, 1832

8. International Genealogical Index (IGI)

Held at History and Glasgow Room
1981 ed.: Scotland, by surname (on microfiche); 1984 ed.: Scotland, by county then surname (on microfiche); 1988 ed.: British Isles, by county then surname (on microfiche); 1992 ed.: British Isles, by county then surname (on microfiche); 1993 ed.: World coverage (33 CDs)

9. Unpublished Indexes

Held at History and Glasgow Room
Scottish family histories in the Mitchell Library; Scottish monumental inscriptions in the Mitchell Library
Held at the Social Sciences Department
Wha daur meddle wi me: a bibliography of Scottish military history in the Mitchell Library; Family history sources in Social Sciences

10. Parish Registers

Held at History and Glasgow Room:
On microfilm
Church of Scotland registers for Glasgow, and the parishes in Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire, Dunbartonshire, Ayrshire, Argyll and Bute to 1854 (start dates vary)
Glasgow High Kirk baptisms, 1609 to 1777; Glasgow High Kirk marriages, 1611 to 1759; Glasgow High Kirk burials, 1699 to 1818; Barony parish baptisms, 1672 to 1752; Govan parish baptisms, 1690 to 1754; Gorbals parish burials, 1807 to 1829; Ramshorn Church burials, 1776 to 1789

11. Periodicals (excl. newspapers)

Scottish Genealogist, 1954 to date
Glasgow and West of Scotland Family History Society Newsletter, 1978 to date
Family Tree Magazine, 1878 to date
Genealogists Magazine, 1925 to date
Scots Magazine, 1739 to 1817; 1924 to date
Scottish Field, 1903 to date
Scottish Local History, 1983 to date
Scottish Historical Review, 1903 to date

12. Published Transcripts of Archival Material

Publications of Scottish historical clubs, including
Scottish Record Society, Scottish History Society, Scottish Text Society, Scottish Burgh records Society, Scottish Church History Society, Glasgow Bibliographical Society, Glasgow Archaeological Society

13. Other material

Index to Old Parish Registers (County Index)
Glasgow cemetery registers
Scottish monumental inscriptions, mostly pre- 1855
Valuation rolls for: Glasgow, 1913 to 1989; Renfrewshire, 1897 to 1953; Dunbartonshire, 1890 to 1951; Ayrshire, 1891 to 1941
Register of deceased seamen

14. Guides to Collections

Tracing your ancestors: Mitchell Library and Archive sources, is an 8 page pamphlet available from the Mitchell Library, free of charge

15. Local Record Offices

Glasgow City Archives
The Mitchell Library
North Street
G3 7DN
Tel: 0141 287 2910
Fax: 0141 226 8452
E- mail:
[email protected]
(Open Monday-Thursday, 0930-1645; Friday, 0930-1600)

Other information

The Family History Room, off the Archives and Special Collections department, includes resources such as guides to research, specific occupations, lists of emigrants, educational rolls and indexes to records dealing with land and property. The History and Glasgow Room itself has collections of illustrations of Glasgow, extensive periodical and newspaper holdings, a large map collection, and full sets of three editions of the Statistical Account of Scotland.